TONI CHILDS - Don't Walk Away

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Thander Easton
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TONI CHILDS music-video DON'T WALK AWAY. A smash hit back in 1989 where she has been nominated for the Grammy Award - The Best Rock Female-Singer.

4 comentários

I LOVE TONI!! Thank You for posting this video.
Por markfmckinney Há 6 anos
Por Ofania Maka Há 7 anos
i agree with you !! fantastic voice ...fantastic lyrics.
Por cesitabs Há 7 anos
Hey folks! I tried to upload the other TONI CHILDS' videos (Stop Your Fussin, I've Got To Go Now, Many Rivers To Cross) but the DailyMotion didn't accept them saying problems with copyrights!!! I uploaded them to YourTube instead. Why has YOUTUBE accepted those videos then? I can't quite understand those rules/proceeds, bah!
Por Thander Easton Há 7 anos