Movie 'The Pianist' Chopin Ballade No.1

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Mostra pequeno trecho deste lindo filme....aonde o protagonista (pianista) executa a Balada numero 1 de Chopin. Impagável, muito bonita ... vale pelo filme todo ! Aproveitem.

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This scene & this music is quite profound. To me it symbolises the former suffering of the Jewish people, their loss, grief, pain, their DESPAIR & their hopes for a peaceful life of universal loving & BEING loved

The Nazi officer is wearing his uniform which engenders thoughts & feelings of the unimaginable horrors his ideology has inflicted on the Jewish people (& others). However one can't help notice the relevance of his coat & cap which could represent the removal of just one of the many layers of inhumanity behind Naziism, even as it forms a shroud which only partially conceals the beauty of the human being & his art & his humanity

Please re-read the above again with the word PALESTINIAN in the place of Jew. For Nazi you can read Radical-Zionist OR Nazi, in today's Apartheid & near Totalitarian state of Israel/Palestine, many would argue that th words are interchangeable

With NO political ACTION against Apartheid Israel, we implore you to BOYCOTT
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