There will fall soft rains

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Russian animation of Ray Bradbury's post-apcoalyptic story, There Will Fall Soft Rains


This is a really good example of Soviet-era animation (and a LOT better than most other examples out there). They do a pretty good job of relating the original Bradbury story, but at the same time they make an already eerie story even creepier, between the ashes and the robot...hand...skull...thing.
By Gearran Munro Last year
It's showing nuclear winter -- the ash from hundreds of nukes going off would get stuck in the atmosphere and block out the sun for years, dropping the temperature enough to create deep winter-like conditions, including "snow" made partly of the radioactive ashes.

I don't care for the style used in this short, but then again, I also don't like most American animation made after 1990 or most of the anime imported here.
By xyzzy Last year
Soviet animation in general is pretty bad quality. But my only complaint is since when does it snow in California? (Maybe they live in Northern Cali or the radiation messed up the weather?)
By ChocoEClaire 3 years ago
This animated short is absolutely awful. Totally butchered a wonderful short story by Bradbury. It couldn't even capture the spirit of the original.
By WadeTyhon 4 years ago
v? really great
By SexyChickXX 4 years ago
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