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    Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatter Learns About Language (1959)

    At the beginning of this film, a young girl is trying to complete her frustrating grammar homework and falls asleep. In her dream, two characters from Alice in Wonderland join her in her frustrations of learning about the usage of words. The three characters join together in their dislike of grammar and they plot to destroy words. While they are plotting, Dr. Linguist, a language scientist, tries to explain to the young girl and her friends why words are important. He explained to them that thousands of languages have existed in the history of the world and they all stem from one common language. Dr. Linguist continues by explaining that different technologies have been created to help scientists and others understand language. After teaching these concepts to the young girl and her friends, Dr. Linguist has succeeded in helping them comprehend the importance of language and words. See the full length video at: