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    1961 Space Station Travel Rocket Exploration Living on Moon

    In this video, a family is gathered in their living room and the uncle begins talking about the importance of space travel and explaining how way stations, or space platforms, are the future of space travel. In order to travel to space and leave the Earth’s atmosphere, a great amount of energy and fuel is required. These way stations will act as homes, research centers, and refueling centers as space exploration expands. Another important addition to space travel will be the building of facilities on the moon. The moon is very close to the Earth, being only 240,000 miles away, and can also greatly help in the furthering of space research; which will hopefully lead to travel to Mars. There is much that we do not know about space. Outside our own galaxy may be an earthlike planet that we can learn much from. What is known for certain though is that space is the frontier of the future. See the full length video at: