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Digra keynote - Marc Prensky on Serious Games part 1-2

10 jaar geleden301 views


Vlad Micu

Some said Prensky's keynote was not exactly connecting with the audience. I'll come back on that later. Nevertheless, it gave a clear insight on the problems that Serious Games are currently facing and the importance of social acceptance. Here's an excerpt from the Digra program:

"In this keynote address Marc Prensky will suggest several things game researchers can do to make their work more accessible to, and to make life easier for, practitioners (and vice versa). Topics covered will inclued chocie of research areas, research design, writing style (especially the role of jargon), and presentation of findings. There will be a particular emphasis on the role of researchers inhelping the general public appreciate games' positive effects on players, and in helping support the serious games movement."

Here's part one. And since I'm off to enjoy a peaceful weekend in a Bungalow, part 2 will arrive late on Sunday.