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    Vintage FBI Law Enforcement Quantico Career Training Video

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    This film follows a man, Tom Holliday, in his training for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). After swearing an oath of honor, respect, and sacrifice, Tom travels to Quantico, Virginia for a thirteen-week training program. From sunrise to well after sundown, Tom learns about the FBI’s jurisdiction, including bank robbery, kidnapping, extortion, and espionage, and how to examine evidence from those crime scenes. Tom is also taught how to assemble and care for firearms. Before he is given his own cases to solve, Tom must pass a field test at a combat village where he is graded on his decisions and actions. After successfully capturing, disarming, and arresting the suspect, Tom has completed his training. Under J. Edgar Hoover’s direction, the FBI is responsible for more than 185, 000 investigations each year. It is one of the most technologically advanced and mobile crime fighting organizations in the world, and one Tom is proud to join. See the full length video at: