Opiates & Barbiturates Drug Abuse/Addiction Detox Rehab Film

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Both opiate and barbiturate users suffer the same problems trying to quit and need help. The first step to recovery is to examine the patient’s history. Learning about their past and present physical health can do a great deal towards providing effective treatment. A physical must be done to determine the addict’s state of health. Pale eyes, dilated pupils, nose damage and dry mouth and lips can all be signs of an addict. Drug abusers will usually have an enlarged kidney, liver or spleen, constipation, hemorrhoids, venereal disease and tracks. When opiate users check in for detoxification, they will normally display drowsiness, itchiness, flushed skin and a low blood pressure. Barbiturate users will generally show signs of an unsteady walk, rapid eye moment, poor reflects, slurred speech and sometimes be in a semi-comatose state. During their detoxification, opiate users may be plagued with anxiety, irritability, lack of sleep, sweating, runny nose, dilated pupils, increased pulse, loss of appetite, high temperature, vomiting and diarrhea. Barbiturate users will normally be restless, lack energy, experience nausea, have cramps, twitch, have tremors, vomit and, if untreated, they can die. Because the clinic will not always know whether they are dealing with an opiate or barbiturate user, they will keep an exact sleep log on their patients. If insomnia occurs on the first night, there is a good chance that the patient is a barbiturate. Both types of users will be slowly weaned off drugs by using a smaller and smaller amount of another drug. Once the process is complete, both types are strongly encouraged by their doctors to seek help from counseling if they really want to have a drug-free life. They may no longer be addicted to drugs; but they can easily fall back into the same patterns if they do not make life changes and find counseling after they leave the clinic. See the full length video at: www.qualityinformationpublishers.com