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    53 Torrent Shipwreck, Boating, Scuba Cat

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    www.TheBoaters.TV EP 53 – First up: It was reported last Monday that a private dive team discovered the wreckage of an American ship that sank 139 years ago off the mainland of south-central Alaska.

    In 1868, the "Torrent," a 641-ton three-masted sailing bark, sank in Alaska's Cook Inlet after tidal currents rammed it into a reef.

    The vessel wreckage was actually first discovered back in July after a nearly two-year long search by a four-man dive team led by Steve Lloyd, a shipwreck historian and veteran of a half-dozen other shipwreck expeditions in Alaska.

    To learn more and see more incredible photos from the site, visit Steve Lloyd's website: - Steve Lloyd has also posted the video in this episode on YouTube.

    Next up: Knowing when and how to purchase replacement hoses for your boat - Boating writers Gordon and Janet Groene point out, any broken hose on your boat spells trouble, so it’s important to replace hoses before they fail. We present specs that the Groenes suggest you look for.

    Finally today: Crazy Video of Hawkeye - The Scuba Diving Cat! Gene Alba of Redding California built a special diving apparatus for his cat, Hawkeye, while allows the cat to spend up to one hour at a time underwater.

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