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    Digra 2007 coverage- Kylie Peppler on Game Design & Literacy

    Vlad Micu

    door Vlad Micu

    This is what we call an etnographic study folks. And most interestingly, a study that looks at videogame design as a learning activity. Kylie Peppler and Yasmin Kafai have taken up a more applied view towards the often discussed area of games & learning in their paper 'What Videogame Making Can Teach Us About Literacy and Learning: Alternative Pathways into Participatory Culture.' Here's a excerpt:

    "Here, we discuss game making approaches and their benefits for illuminating game preferences and learning both software design and other academic content. We report on an ongoing ethnographic study that documents youth producing video games in a community design studio. We illustrate how video game making can provide a context for addressing issues of participation, transparency and ethics."

    Check out Kylie's magic fingers at the beginning of the presentation.