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    Cash Flow Factoring. How To Start The Right Way

    Vital Force Factoring

    by Vital Force Factoring

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    A Breakthrough Cash Flow Factoring Company
    Offering Factoring Programs Tailored
    to Make You More Money

    Cash Flow Factoring Benefits
    Receive money in as few
    days as two to four days.

    Maintain complete control
    of your business.

    Remove or lessen the business costs
    with the collection process.

    Gain a greater control over your cash flow by
    deciding exactly how many invoices to sell and when.

    Stop wasting time thinking about cash flow issues
    and start spending more time on your business.

    You are not burdened with having to make
    monthly payments to repay a loan.

    Win the battle against slow-paying clients.

    Increase your production and sale.

    It gives you professional collection and
    credit checking services.

    Meet your payroll.

    Pay your payroll taxes.

    Provide case discounts for your materials.

    Increase your purchasing power, allowing
    you to enjoy bulk purchasing discounts or early payment discounts.

    Improve your credit rating as you continually
    have the cash on hand to pay bills on time.

    Provide cash for your expansion.

    Provide cash for your marketing.

    Improve your financial statement.

    It provides you with complete and detailed reports
    about your accounts receivable portfolio
    We Can Offer You What Others Can't