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    TheBoaters.TV EP 51 - BoatU.S. Foundation Boating Safety Grant Program Reaches $750,000 Milestone — Grant Money Awarded for the Development of Innovative Safety Projects. The application window closes November 1, 2007, so for more information please visit:

    Next up: Doggett's Coat and Badge Race is Speculated To Be the Oldest Sporting Contest in Continuation, dating back to 1715.

    The race spanned from a pub on the London Bridge to a pub in Chelsea along the Thames. Though Doggett's Coat and Badge race still continues today, there have been some notable changes. To learn more about the Doggett race, head on over to

    And finally: Offering Up a Little TLC for Your Aluminum Boat - Aluminum can't rust like steel, blister like fiberglass or rot like wood, but that does NOT mean it is completely carefree.

    Boating writers Gordon & Janet Groene supply illuminating thoughts on caring for your aluminum boat.

    TheBoaters TV, hosted by Julie Perry, airs 5-7 minute episodes every M, W, and Friday at www.TheBoaters.TV