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    Digra Coverage - Back to school on Immersion

    Vlad Micu

    door Vlad Micu

    After the fun we had at the Tokyo Game Show, the Digra conference literally made us go back to the schooldesks of Tokyo University. Not all of paper presentations were good. Mainly because a good paper isn't enough to make a good presentation. Nevertheless, there were some polished jewels between the lot. One of them being Gordon Calleja's presentation on his paper 'Revising Immersion: A Conceptual Model for the Analysis of Digital Game Involvement':

    "It outlines a segment of a conceptual model that describes and analyzes the moment by moment involvement with digital games on a variety of experiential dimensions correspoding to six broad categories of game features. The paper ends with a proposal to replace the metaphor of immersion with one of Incorporation. Incorporation aims to avoid the binary notion of the player's plunge into the virtual environment characteristic of 'immersion' while dispelling the vagueness of application that all too often surrounds the term."