Sonic Bastardized 3

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Alexander Harrington
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Sonic Bastardized
By Psyguy

[ Voice Talent ]

Sonic: Psyguy
Tails: Kirb
Dr. Eggman: Niro Rose
Knuckles: RittZ
Announcer: TomaMoto
Sarah: Vero-Chan


[ Music ]

"Merrie Melodies" Warner Bros.
"Final Boss" Sega
"Rock the dragon" FUNimation
"Boss" Sega
"Ha ha ha song" No earthly idea
"Batman" The Marketts
"Benny Hill Theme" Benny HIll
"I Can't Turn You Loose" Universal
"Vengeance is mine" Sega
"Live and Learn" Crush 40
"The Great Mighty Poo" Nintendo
"Knuckles' Theme" Sega
"Snake Man" Capcom
"Baby Bowser" Nintendo
"Next time on DBZ" FUNimation
"Mr. Unsmiley" Sega
"Drowning" Sega
"Zelda: Boss" Nintendo
"BINGO HIGHWAY / Remix ver." Keiichi Sugiyama!
"E.G.G.M.A.N." Sega
"End of the world - purple" Sega
"Circle of Life" Disney
"Living in the city, Latin Remix" Sega
"You can fly" Disney
"Living in the city" Sega

[ Extra ]

"Blues Brothers" © Universal
"Mortal Kombat" © Midway
Opening made by Eddsworld
Ending tweaked and sung by Kirb


6:16 Boot To The Head
3:21 Nipple Missiles, Go. What Do He Just Say?
4:20 To 5:08 Funny With Shit
7:10 To 7:24 Kill The Fat...Metal...BASTARDDD!!!!!!!
8:53 Team Sonic Was Born
By Conor Hahessy 4 years ago
lol Finish him
By r4shka 6 years ago
lol Finish him!
By r4shka 6 years ago
lol 5/5
By 8-ball 8-ball 6 years ago
it crazy man!!
By jathushan Jazz 7 years ago
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