ECW 2006: RVD vs Sabu, Ladder match


by nodachi_92

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Anson D. Grimes
2 of the finest professional wrestlers to ever hail from the great state of Michigan...this match blew my mind when I watched it all those years ago...Sabu is from my hometown of Lansing, MI...was so torn who to cheer for because I love both their work...this was an awesome match, pillar to post!
By Anson D. GrimesOctober
the best match on sci fi was rvd vs hardcore holly
By OISINDBZ7 years ago
OMG how could anyone say that this match isn't very good. Compare it to the recent ecw matches! Besides Sabu always screws up stuff. Thats why he's called the homicidal, sucicidal, genesisdale death defying SAAAAAABBUUUUUUU!
By jetsfreak4568 years ago
8:16 "Are you retarded?" To anyone who finds that offensive, I apologize, but I thought it was funny.
By GUS8 years ago
Connor Scotts
Hey, this is quite a good match (if you ignore the stupid mess ups) sabu falling out of the ring made me laugh though :)
By Connor Scotts8 years ago
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