Hong-Man Choi Vs Mighty Mo 2007

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Hong-Man Choi (KOR) Vs Mighty Mo (USA).
k-1 World Grand Prix 2007 FINAL Elimination.

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)O( yeaouuh hmmm ^^ Merci .
Par mauiaee il y a 4 ans
quel combat moisi,quece qu il sont mauvais joueur les asiat(a part les japonais)
Par magog31 il y a 5 ans
jamais ^^ tu as la video ????
Par babar693693 il y a 5 ans
désolé pour lui, mais jerome LEBANNER va le tuer...............
Par heypapy il y a 7 ans
Hong-man Who? didn't display a whole lot of skills except for the nut-buster kick. Mighty Mo needed a step ladder to reach him though. Pity Pat Pity Pat the whole fight. Low blows didn't look that low but had to hurt. Mo did nothing the whole fight and only landed a half dozen shots. BORING fight. Not too many good fights coming out of china anymore-shame.
Par Zv0nimir Kim Sum Master il y a 7 ans
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