Biggest Snakes in the World_0001

Floyd C Craig
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Biggest Snakes in the World, anacondas, reticulated pythons,giant spiders video


Can You Please Tell Me What The Song In This Video Is Called ?
Id Be Much Thankful :)
By Hellooisabella 3 years ago
Good stuff, too bad it was done before the snake regurging hippo video came out. As for snake not bonding, I wouldn't want mine to bond with me too much. They're just not that kind of pet. They're to be admired, respected, awed, and yes loved. I see your point, but I don't think every pet has to be predictable. I think that their wildness makes them a challenge for me to be more "on my toes" and "alive". It gives me a rush to have them as pets. I admit I gave up on green anacondas, but my guyana red tail boas will still reach 9'-10', which is big enough for me. If I had the room, money and close help, then I might venture to the bigger snakes again. I do miss the anaconda I had. She was 7' of pure sweetness, but I'm sure she'd have been a handful at 15'+. :) God bless those who can still keep the biggons.
By snakebreath 5 years ago
elle vient de "sacred spirit " cette musique
By nemotyrannus 5 years ago
quel est le nom de la musique ? SVP
By aaa 6 years ago
***Super Video 5 Sterne dafür Thank you ***
********* beautyful and magic *********
By christos v 6 years ago
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