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    Tucker Carlson - Wait until they come for you....


    door TLNNL

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    Here’s the thing, I agree you should be able to do things that harm yourself if you so chose to do so but you should not be aloud to harm other people. I think that the people forgotten in this equation are bar tenders and waitresses, whom have high frequency of smoking related mortality related to second hand smoke. I work as a medic/firefighter in my local fire department and we don’t look at just smoking as the cause of things such as heart disease lung cancer and emphysema but we look at them as risk factors. The more risk factors you have (family history smoking diet etc...) the more likely you are to get sick. Tobacco use happens to be a huge risk factor for cardiovascular disorders. The bottom line here is it really that much of a burden for smokers to stand outside for a couple of minutes? I don’t smoke so tell me what your thoughts are on this.
    Door pinokiohandonfire8 jaren geleden
    Holy moley, Tucker Carlson is MAKING SENSE! Now I've seen everything. Good-bye, world! /cocks gun
    Door Mila8 jaren geleden
    1 day i am sure child molestors are going to gather demanding their rights. anyway I am off this flame-turf. going to watch Jon now cause i want get my head lill light.

    yes TLNNL, tucker openly supports RON , he had that nice decent interview of "Strippers for Ron Paul" president women.
    Door hardaxel8 jaren geleden
    Tucker has made a complete U-turn, he now regularly has Ron Paul on the show! Check him out on Youtube if you like...
    Door TLNNL8 jaren geleden
    in late 80's america went HARD after AIDS when all thought they will die off from this planet due to AIDS... I wont be surprised if america go HARD after cancer in same way... this is not about controlling people.. but saving money and that is saving everyones tax dollars which everyone earns through their efforts.. its just going up in smoke..literally..

    PS:- I have severe allergy to second hand smoking.. its makes me mad if someone comes near me and smokes.
    Door hardaxel8 jaren geleden
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