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    DDP Debut (RAW 06.18.01)


    by JinMedia

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    Dude, as soon as Page takes off his mask I'm filled with chills. His reactions is amazing! I remember watching this and just jumping up and down, because I "never saw it coming".

    Sucks that the feud ended horribly. Vince really fucked over DDP. DDP could've been a world champion in the WWE, but since he was a WCW creation, he, sadly, wasn't.
    By Munchie7 years ago
    Craig Gautrey
    DDP was t5he oringal peoples champion and he never called him self it the people did but the rock constantly did and it sucks he and the rock never had a match because I konw pwople will disagree but i would of liked to have seen ddp beat rock but no one remembers him for what he was in wcw they remember him for what he left as in wwe witch totaly sucks
    By Craig Gautrey7 years ago
    wow what an awesome pop for DDP!! how on earth could the wwf have dropped the ball on this one?? why the fuk did they put him as some possessed stalker...imagine the business wwf could have made putting him as a face
    By liverpoololympic8 years ago
    that was a awesome pop for DDP
    By shebbyk078 years ago
    This could have been so much better. I still wish they would have done the Peoples champ vs Peoples champ DDP vs The Rock story. IMO that would have been Epic.
    By 9id8 years ago
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