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I got a tip from a paparazzi friend that "Kennon Ivory Wayans and family were at Mr. Chows"...I asked him if he was going to shoot it, and the answer was a clear "He's not worth the time, and doesn't sale..."

So us being blackarazzi decided that we would go shoot him, because we care and love our black celebrities. Well when I got there, only a few paps were there, and they couldn't confirm if it was Damon, Kennan, Shawn, or Marlon, because they didn't know the difference. (We all look alike!)

Anyways, to my surprise it was Damon, a very subdued, angry Damon who didn't want to show us nor anyone else love! (Not even the 14 year old kid!) Why is he so mad? Career not going as planned? We now wish it was Kennan there, he's the nicer brother!!!!

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maybe he wasnt in the mood to chat, I just saw major payne for this first time so ima cut him some slack lol
By haas73 7 years ago