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    Chicago's Green Renaissance

    William Allen

    by William Allen

    The Windy City. City of the Big Shoulders. Chi-Town. Chicago has always had plenty of nicknames, but the Second City's industrial past has also left it with plenty of pollution. In this video, though, we meet the city planners who are replacing Chicago's gritty landscape with a cleaner, safer, greener urban system. We start at the top of City Hall, whose green roof is an eco-system of its own, teeming with flora and fauna and complete with a bird house and a productive honeybee colony (rare, these days). Later, we check out how Mayor Daly and the city are cleaning up emissions from their fleet of municipal vehicles. Finally, we see how the city is including its citizens in the green effort through accessible recycling programs and the brand new Center for Green Technology, which was built on a former industrial waste site. Now that's My Kind of Town!