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    Lodge, Republican Party Massachusetts Senator, on Eisenhower

    In this episode of “Chronoscope,” Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., senator from Massachusetts, speaks about the candidacy of General Eisenhower for the presidency. As his campaign manager, Lodge was placed to know what the elusive Eisenhower’s positions were on issues, and Reed tried to pin him down into answering specific questions. Lodge dodged the question by saying it was only Eisenhower’s opponents that called him elusive or less than forthright about his positions. Lodge also spoke about the campaign’s efforts to reach out to Democrat, independent, and so-called New Deal voters, a tactic that opponent Taft called “immoral.” Huey asks him about his own plans after the primaries and Lodge mentions that he is up for reelection against a young man named John F. Kennedy. He maintains that Eisenhower will bring the Republican party together because he is such a popular figure, and that Taft has no chance for any significant gains after the Ohio primary.