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    Harmonica - Luiza - Jobim - English lyrics by P. Sonnenberg

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    Luiza by Jobim played on chromatic harmonica thank to a music sheet provided by Paul Sonnenberg.
    Instrumental track taken from the second half of a performance by Carlos Barbosa-Lima & Berta Rojas:
    Lyrics in english created and sung by Paul Sonnenberg (This translation was inspired by a request from Atael Weissman, crucial assistance was provided by Egídio Leitão):

    Here are the lyrics:
    There, now
    Her shoulder's bare, now
    A yellow moon, so round and so immense
    Is sailing through the air now
    We stop and stare now
    Across the midnight blue it gently flashes
    As the silence passes
    There comes a voice
    Full of the starlight

    Oh, but it's just that little song I wrote
    To help forget, Luiza.
    To you I'm just another fool in love
    So full of passion
    So much to learn, learn about love
    Awaken love
    I know that there beneath your snowy silence there beats a heart.

    Come here, Luiza.
    Give me your hand.
    For your desire's the same as my desire
    Come free my soul Luiza
    Bring me your kisses
    Bring me your lips now
    Ah, those crazy roses
    Bathed in rays of sun
    Your hair so golden
    And as a diamond breaks light into seven colors dazzling brightly
    You reveal in me
    The seven thousand loves held in my heart so tightly
    just for you, Luiza

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