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    1950s TV Personal Finance Portfolio Investing Stock Advice

    In this episode of the Longines Chronoscope, Edward T. McCormick, President of the NY Curb Exchange, gives advice to the audience about what basic investments are the most beneficial and safe. He recommends first that everyone purchase life insurance as a protection rather than an investment, then goes on to recommend fixed income securities. Buying a home is next on his to-do list for the ordinary American and he argues that any purchase of commodities, like a home, is a good investment because he believes that inflation will continue. After these initial investment recommendations, McCormick gives very specific advice regarding the purchase of stocks. He recommends buying stocks from commodities companies that deal in the purchase, extraction, or development of commodities such as metal or oil. However, these stocks should be just a part of a larger diverse portfolio. He applauds government regulation of stocks, saying that this relatively new legislation has made the stock market more accessible and safe for the average American. See the full length video at: