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    British Ambassador 1952 Interview Cold War & WWII England UK

    In this episode of “Chronoscope,” Sir Oliver Franks, British ambassador to the US, speaks about the ways in which Great Britain has survived the aftermath of WWII through education, technology, and culture. Huey and Rogers seem intent on getting him to pronounce the English-speaking peoples of the world as being in a spiritual decline, and they ask him numerous questions such as, can we produce great leaders anymore, are we as powerful internationally as we once were, and do we have the moral toughness we once had? They seem very pessimistic about the answers, but Franks dismisses all of their leading questions with hopeful, but rational answers. He maintains that our culture is indeed capable of producing great leaders to deal with the so-called “Russia Crisis.” British universities are growing and have capable students, and communism has not taken hold in the faculties. He also says that employment in Britain is plentiful and that an emphasis on technology in education has gone hand in hand with a 45% increase in production and a general increase in exports for Britain. He seems rather discomforted at Huey’s mention of loyalty oaths for faculty and purging of communist teachers, and claims that these things are not done in Britain. At the end, Huey makes himself seem even more paranoid by commenting that Franks’ remarks have given him hope that we can beat back the “modern barbarians.” See the full length video at: