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    1952 TV Show: Steel Industry Strike & Presidential Powers

    In this episode of “Chronoscope,” Wallace F. Bennett, Senator from Utah, talks about President Truman’s seizure of the steel industry as a result of a labor union strike. The seizure represented a use of presidential power that Bennett and others in Congress found to be problematic and Bennett says that legislation will probably be proposed to limit presidential powers. Labor unions’ right to strike is discussed and Bennett mentions that the Senate Banking and Currency Committee is working on legislation to address the problem of wage stabilization. Huey comments on the public’s apathy toward the issue, and Bennett says that most Americans think that constitutional issues were all solved 150 years ago and no more work needs to be done. The panel moves on to the political scene, discussing the presidential race. Bennett and his home state of Utah cast their support for Taft and hope that the time has come for a real debate between a New Deal/Fair Deal candidate and a true Republican conservative candidate. He dismisses the idea of having both parties nominate the same man, which Huey posits.
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