Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero

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by Unknown

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Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero.
RIP Both of Them.


thebigcheese1991 . youve put it exsactly like i was goin to....

r.i.p benoit nd eddie
By walk_it_out 7 years ago
I definitely care what Benoit did. He committed the unforgivable act. But this match was awesome, no denying that.
By sanddune50 7 years ago
nice match!! I love chris work in the ring what he did outside of it in his last days is another story I respect chris benoit the wrestler!!
rip chris and eddie! we miss both of you!
By clau18 7 years ago
some people hate benoit cause of wat he done, personally i dont care wat he done i respected him because of his wrestling ability and noting to do with the murders

r.i.p benoit and eddie
By thebigcheese1991 7 years ago