1951 Show on Ike Eisenhower as Republican Election Candidate

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In this episode of “Chronoscope,” Congressman Christian A. Herter talks about the issues surrounding General Eisenhower’s possible run for the presidency. Though he is unable to enlighten his audience about any of the General’s specific beliefs, he believes that Eisenhower is the best candidate because of his unequaled knowledge of foreign affairs. He states, however, that Eisenhower has been “handicapped” by the slowdown in American armament production which led to the European army being behind schedule, reflecting badly on the General. He defended Eisenhower, claiming that this was due to too much time being spent in the design phase and not enough in the building phase of production. NATO is mentioned briefly in regard to whether or not Churchill will allow Britain to join. Churchill apparently claimed that he would only join if Eisenhower remained on as General of the European Army, but this puts Eisenhower’s possible run for the presidency in a different light. Herter expresses fear that Republicans will nominate Taft because it is his “turn” in light of his service to the party, because they think the scandal-plagued Democrates will be easily ousted from power. But he himself thinks that Eisenhower is the much better candidate. A Longines watch ad follows.See the full length video at:www.qualityinformationpublishers.com

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