Surviving the Slums of Rio

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Rio is a model of urbanity gone very, very wrong. The rich live in 20-storytall seashells on white sand beaches and the poor live in dense, dirty slums where murdering your rival drug lord is as common a chore as taking out the trash.
We took a tour and partied a little bit in the City of God favela.

10 Kommentare

trop bonne video^^ ^-^ . ,
Von eshasweety Vor 4 Jahren
Please make more videos. anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? ..
Von lovelygirl20111 Vor 4 Jahren
They don't care about us
Von valbah00 Vor 6 Jahren
Les Favelas Brésiliennes c'est pas les Deux-Sèvres mon cher saadan...
Von cheiksimbad Vor 6 Jahren
Eux des chauds !
Von saadan79 Vor 6 Jahren
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