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    Best '07 NZ TV ad - Grizzly Yamaha


    by Zeclark

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    This Yamaha Grizzly commercial win the Fair Go Ad Awards 2007 as the best New Zealand TV ad.


    Oh Gidday!
    Now, theres kids bikes and racing bikes and bikes with wheels of three, but the only bike i've never lived without is one that starts with G. Tough as a hearty Sunday roast, it's pretty hard to beat, i'm not happy unless i'm on my Grizzly! If it werent for your Grizzly where would you be? It's the hardest farm bike from here to the Tasman sea. You'd be stuck in the ditch or even up a tree. If you didn't have the seat on your Grizzly! Now other bikes are made bolclaints. Some are cheap, some are soft and some are just plain not very good. My neighbour didn't buy a Grizz but thats cause he's a git, so you better get your seat on your Grizzly! If it werent for your Grizzly, where would you be? And its ultramatic belt and flash technology, you'd be stuck in the bog or even out in sea, if you didnt have your seat on your GRIIIIIZZZZLYYYYYY!!