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    1952 Presidential Election Race: Eisenhower v Stevenson

    This episode of the Longines Chronoscope with Frank Knight featured James A. Farley, the former United States Postmaster General. He was called a political prophet by the hosts. Farley expects to see Governor Stevenson win the next election for the presidency. Governor Stevenson should be able to carry the entire south and with a couple big wins throughout the United States, perhaps win the presidency. Farley sites the fact that governments do not usually change hands while people have jobs. Times of prosperity make citizens less likely to want a change. People with steady jobs are less likely to be looking critically at the President. Also, the opposition, General Eisenhower, has seemed to be slipping. Eisenhower has not spoken out or taken a stand on many of the issues, and the lack of stance seems to have really hurt him among his supporters. Farley expects to see a strong support from the labor unions, minorities, and farmers across the United States. Democrats should be able to control the House of Representatives, Senate, and Presidency in this election. See the full length video at: