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    Zhalih: They Call


    by jamzik


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    All of this was filmed and recorded in the state of Oregon, on the Northwest coast of the United states.

    I drive around the state for my job, taking photos of gas stations, bookstores, shopping malls, tattoo parlors, churches, whatever is the list they send me. One day I was driving back home down a country road, 20 miles from Salem, and stopped at Baskett Slough wild life refuge, a wetland underneath low hills, surrounded by farms, and got the clip of the birds flocking. Another day I was on the coast, close to the end of the day, sun low in the sky, cumulus clouds overhead, and got the footage of Haystack rock and the couple walking their dog. One night I was driving home down Powell in the rain, and stuck my camera out the window, to see what I could find. Another night I stood on the corner outside a bar, watched the cars driving by on the rain slicked streets - beautiful - I pulled out my camera. Another night, walking home from a friend's house late at night across the burnside bridge, I photographed lights reflected by the river.

    One day Zhalih came over, (she lives around the block from me) and we took the streetcar downtown, I just set up my tripod, sat across the aisle from her, and she tried not to look at the camera. We spent the afternoon walking around Portland, taking footage. She looked through destroyed storefronts, hid behind leaves, climbed up on the edge of a bridge, danced around flowering trees. I tried to pretend I knew what I was doing.

    Zhalih did this music, overdubbing the voices, singing on top of herself.

    If you want to hear more of her work you should go to AcidPlanet, and search for Zhalih. She has about 25 songs posted. If you like this please leave a comment. Zhalih says that she wants to hear what people think of her work.
    By jamzik10 years ago