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Buffy fanvid featuring Glory


OMG, sho... I mean, DANG that was the perfect song for her! I created an account just to tell you that. I can't stand her. She's the most frivolous, annoying of all the villains in Buffy. Even the Master was more tolerable, but not by much. My absolute favorite scene involving Glory is when Spike explains her significance to her. "... going to kick your skanky, LOPsided ass..." Brilliant! -- Thank you for the wonderful Buffy/Angel/Firefly vids... I've been enjoying myself to excess. It's 6:15 am and I haven't been to sleep yet. Course it's my birthday and by Maine law, I'm not allowed to sleep on my birthday. Wait.. hang on a sec... *licks a thumb and flips through some papers that had been crammed, forcefully, into a neighboring box* ... oh no I think that means no chafing on Thursdays... wait, what's that word again? Mess-on-Noxema?
(strangely, the word i'm 'messing up', Mesonoxian (random word I chose), I found on a page by someone named "Brownielocks" *giggle*)
By Holly Vaughn 5 years ago
vraiment sympas cette vidéo bravo ;-)
By Caro 6 years ago