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    [vdub] ..:: CALLING ALL JUNGLISTS ::..


    by rollindotcom

    Ladies and Gentlemen, you're all part of history!!

    A few short months ago, it was difficult to find true Jungle tunes on YouTube.

    Now, there are true Jungle tunes being uploaded EVERY DAY!!!

    Much respek to the ones like:">"> />">"> />">"> />">"> />">"> />">"> />
    We haven't seen this kind of Junglist mobilization on the Net since the early days of the Breaks List. Big tings a gwan, but it's only the beginning.

    We want to see a real Jungle Vibe happening here on YouTube. So this video (along with this message) is being emailed to friends, posted in Net forums, and sent to email lists.

    An open letter to all True Junglists: Run come join the vibe!!">"> />
    The revolution has begun!

    Bigup to the ones spreading the Jungle Vibe:">"> />">"> />">"> />">">">