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    Afternoon Tea @ Quixote Camp / Green Man Pub (BM2007)


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    Join the Quixote Cabaret Camp at Burning Man 2007 for an afternoon tea - check out the mice crowd, and stay in line for a chilled coffee-milk shake (booze available too).

    The Quixote Cabaret Camp (my camp this year, and from now on) has been on the playa for 4 years.

    Quixote is run by the EUROBURNERS, the European burners collective who also runs the European Burn event NOWHERE, in the Spanish desert of Monegros.

    If you want to know more and get involved with Quixote Cabaret, the Euroburners posse and NOWHERE, go check,, and!

    See you at Decompression London 2007 and NOWHERE 2008!