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    Healthcare, Social Security & Socialized Medicine (1951)

    Trailer: In this episode of the Longines Chronoscope, Oscar R. Ewing, Federal Security Administrator (Social Security), discusses the issue of adding hospital benefits to the existing Social Security program at a cost of 200 million per year. Hazlit calls this issue one of great controversy, since many in the American public don’t approve of the possibility of adding more expenditure to the federal budget, especially since they were already embroiled in the Korean War and the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Ewing argues that since the money used is that which was already collected out of the beneficiaries’ paychecks, the expenditure really does not come out of the federal budget. He cites that the social reasons for the program outweigh any potential costs anyway, since 7 million sick or infirm men, widow, and children would be protected by these benefits. Hazlit tries to pin Ewing down into saying that he would love a socialized medicine system, such as the British had proposed, but he is adamant that he is not a socialist. Hazlit also worries about the potential future insolvency of the program, citing that a deficit is expected for the program in the future, calling to mind our present Social Security insolvency issues. Following is a commercial for Longines watches that uses college football names and footage, saying that Longines are used for official time in football. See the full length video at: