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    Doomsayer high quality


    by Forsaken_angel24

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    Hey! I do not worship him, I was saying that all the little nerdy kids (among many others) on NerfHaven do...

    Anyway, I was wondering if I could purchase some springs (the same/similar to the ones in this mod) from you, because over here in England you can't buy; 1, Springs (or hardly any, anyway) and 2, I only have one Longshot (with the stock spring and NF spring in it) and I would quite like not to kill it, becuase you can't buy Longshots over here either, I got mine second hand off ebay (like $30 shiping.. not happy), nowhere else ships here. Please e-mail me on: yz_rules [at] if you wish to help out a fellow nerfer (that sounds so lame...), I will obviously pay more, so that you get a profit. And if you're wondering, the site you get the gun itself from, does (unlike Hasbro or any of the Hasbro linked shops) ship to the UK. Thanks.

    Also, the song is cool. Good work.
    By Wisey18 years ago
    dude... your a legend...
    your a nerf god dude!
    my mate worships you =P as he should.
    Make me one of those guns? pweeez *puppy dog eyes*
    By thelastrites8 years ago