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    Joe McCarthy Memorial Library

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    Joe McCarthy Memorial Library celebrating 50 years of being DEAD!!!! Düsseldrof Atelier Höherweg
    Interesting thread, I have been playing
    with the idea of political art for my residency in Dusseldorf.
    I decided to create a Joe McCarthy Memorial Library.
    you can view some of the graphics and interior views on my site at /> anyway i have a Republican friend of my father's who i love to bounce ideas off of.
    I pasted one of his more elaborate responses below.
    My point is am i willing to continue the path of political artist?
    Do I have the finances to make work which will be ignored the minute it is taken down???
    I felt strongly about doing the pieces...I loved the research.
    I have sent out proposals to other spaces and get the same answer. We do not do political work.
    If I reframe it and call it historical.
    then you run into others who feel like this...
    I'm NOT really interested in lots of things.
    Same as you, actually. You have limited time
    for certain subjects, just like me.
    Although the subjects are different.
    But it gets annoying when the other guy
    isn't interested in what we are interested in, doesn't it.

    How does an artist who already beats his head against the wall to be taken seriously counteract indifference.
    The Iraq war protests are a great example of the indifference.