Land of the Wolves - Mesmerism


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For SpookeyRuben: She has a fantastic video called 'Ride Through Chernobyl' for a small pittance. The work she does for the survivor's of this tragedy is worth it!
Par husker222 Il y a 7 ans
This place has a hopeless morbidness to it that is unmistakably horrifying. ...and yet, I find myself drawn in constantly watching videos about Chernobyl. If anyone can make any recommendations for specific videos about Chernobyl I would very much appreciate it. Post any such comments & recommendations on my profile & specifically where to find them, be it here on Daily Motion, YouTube, Google Video, etc. There are literally dozens of videos about Chernobyl right here on Daily Motion alone.
Par SpookeyRuben Il y a 7 ans
A version of Dead can Dance - Mesmerism... cool.
Par anyprocess Il y a 7 ans
Incredible what happened there.
The music is very nice. Which is it?
Par anyprocess Il y a 7 ans
april 1986, someone made a BIG Error,

however horrible it may look now, Wildlife is actually thrivng because man is nowhere around to hunt them when in the dead zone, and besides, who'd really want to eat Plutonium laced wild boar?
Par Project-Aurora Il y a 7 ans
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