1940s US Occupation of Guam, Mariana Islands WWII History

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Trailer: Focusing on the invasion of Guam’s Mariana Islands, this film records both the arrival of soldiers and the aftermath of destruction-filled warfare. Tanks and soldiers line the road, ready for battle. In contrast with the quaint palms of the once beautiful landscape, images of razed villages, injury, death, and weaponry smoke seem harsh and tragic as they fill the screen. See the full length at: www.qualityinformation.com

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Occupation is an inaccuracy. The U.S. gained Guam as a result of the Spanish/American War in 1898. The local Chamoro people welcomed the change due the fact that Spain had neglected the island for a long time. The U.S. brought in schools and a hospital, and generally tried to improve the living standards. The people had even tried petitioning the U.S. to become U.S. citizens.That was put on hold when, Japan invaded Guam on December 8, 1941, the same day they attacked Hawaii. Bombing and straffing the capital Agana, and several other villages. The capital (Hagatna) Agana is unfortunately bombarded in the run-up to the liberation of Guam. This only happened because of previous experiences the U.s. and it's allies had in figting the Japanese soldiers. The U.S. had done recon flights over Guam and ground recon prior the landing on the island and knew the civilian population had been evacuated from the urban areas.
By Honu1 5 years ago