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    Dani Hantuchova vs Patty Schnyder -- after the match

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    von BlueDragon110

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    Agree w/tomgrainger. Schnyder didn't even shake the umpire's hand after the match.

    Also agree w/zagageba. Schnyder's husband is a big puss!
    Von doc_d20Vor 8 Jahren
    What kind of weak kick was that? If I were there, I wouldn't have hesitate to beat that stupid husband up! If he uses violence against women, I use violence to protect them. That's it.
    Von zagagebaVor 8 Jahren
    Danielaa did nothing wrong, perhaps she takes long before serving, but that is aloud, so Patty and her husband are mad. He should be banned from the tour, his reaction is unacceptable. Patty's handshake was poor aswell, even though you loss, you should have the respect to look someone in the eyes. Very very weak of patty and husband!!
    Von lizzy112Vor 9 Jahren
    People thinking that Daniela cheated>>> Please! get over yourself>>> it was npt in the rules about taking time before serving>>>> it was such a typical Patty thing... wherein she blames her opponent in her defeat>>>> just like when she blamed Francesca Schiavone when she asked for a medical time out>>>>now tell me,.... is that cheating to>??? its patty's loss that she lost her concentration.
    Von darkgemini_87Vor 9 Jahren
    La verdad me parece muy de mal gusto... que falta de educacion del señor... como en todo hay que aceptar cuando se pierde o se gana... aunque duela mucho pero es asi.. pero sin nada de violencia... a este señor no deberian dejarlo entrar la proxima vez que peligro... que vea el partido desde cualquier tv...
    Von klaumarVor 9 Jahren
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