BABY BOY SLICK & cangri & Jimrock & Streets of Daygo - 619

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SAN DIEGO STREETS are off the chain. THE BBH CREW. STREETS OF SD The Plan was TO Eventually Start FILMing.. For Huge Youtube Videos.. and everyone Wins With the Videos..

BUT its THE DVD I have MY mind on. THE BIG BBH DVD. that WILL BE DIStributed BY the same guys that Do .. BUMFights and FELONy FIGHts..

BUT the Youtube videos are JUSt as VALUAble for Promoting the club..

Ive been having issues with Myster-e .. They are GETTING. way to BIG headed and crowded and Think they own the world.. WEre ALL pulling out of there.. MY whole team.

email sent to BBH members..

BUT I feel MYster-E IS GIVING YOU THE SHYST. AND tHEY are being Weird and letting fools like .. MK.. CORONA. AROCK. FAInz. KIETo. JRowdy. LAMBCHOp and KUEST in. and Fucking over you and cangri .. and everyone else from BBH. and I feel we can Do better.. Over at ANImale even if It is for 1 event..
I feel we can grow Better Over there. and There is More ROOM for BUilding Websites, Videos, FULL COverage, and Promo Over there. because we are NOT being appreciated. Your Not even Getting a damm Free drink and cangri has to pay to get in and He knows More Bitches than anyone and we did 40,000 Views of that Other MYSTER-E promo flyer. and Gnazty still says shit.. So I"M tired of Him and His shit.. lets go somewhere else.. It cant be any worse than what were Doing now. Plus like a gang of people over there claim they PULL the whole club and egos and shit.. We just wanna Promote. and FIlm and PULL a few Bitches. We dont ask for much. but they are FULL of themselves..

now here is the BBH LINEUP for 2 weeks from now

4th and 5th PROMOTERS CONVENTION & youtube Kings Meeting IN VEGAS


7th - DUB car show - SUNDAY .. (NOT COMFIRMED)


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^^ yieahhh top;), merci,
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