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    WWE Roundtable Discussion re: Monday Night Wars (part 5)


    by Stinger1981

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    Kinda awkward how Bischoff glossed over Chris Benoit being one of the members of the Radicalz along with Saturn, Malenko and Guerrero...
    By anadryantontine2 years ago
    Michael Hayes had no business in this, I mean he wasn't a big star during the Monday Night Wars, and he wont let anyone speak.
    By Unknown..7 years ago
    Enjoyable stuff. Michael Hayes irritated me throughout it though, not letting people speak. It was more or less just Hayes letting out his drunken frustrations about being a mediocre talent that got canned in the early 90's by WCW. I thought it was good to hear Bischoff's side. It woulda been better to have maybe someone who was a little more on the pro-wcw side of things though. Thanks for posting.
    By stoopidpreacher8 years ago
    phillip sanders
    wow benoit is even gone from round table discussions.
    By phillip sanders8 years ago
    dubya c dubya...rasslin!!!!!
    By thomasj618 years ago
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