WWE Roundtable Discussion re: Monday Night Wars (Part 4)

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Roundtable Discussion about the Monday Night Wars (Part 4)


I gotta hand it to Bischoff; going 1 on 4, he handled himself quite well. Hearing that Foley still has his feelings hurt about that incident reveals that even though he may be physically tough, he is very immature emotionally. It was a fucking war and the gloves were off. It wasn't about you, Mick. It was about what was going to draw rating. Obviously that plan failed, but that doesn't matter. It was just part of a strategy, get over it.
By PhenomZ May
Mick Foley is overrated
By badguy101proof 2 years ago
Vince Russp isn't great, no. I mean when he was in WWF they were losing to WCW, and when he was in WCW they were losing to WWF.
By Unknown.. 5 years ago
man I forgot how much I marked when Foley won the title, the best thing was in the UK, WCW was a week behind Raw, so the week after I heard the Foley spoiler on the WCW program the week after I saw the match
By thebigmarvinski 6 years ago
have a nice day
By Lejeune Jean-Benoit 6 years ago
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