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    PLO Boy Scouts in Beirut

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    Whatever the truth is kids should NEVER be involved in politics or war.
    Von pantoebattVor 5 Jahren
    If you wonder what I mean by regular visits, I can inform that I have spent most of my holidays since 2003 LIVING inside various camps.
    I was probaly the first non-palestinian in northern europe knowing about the LebArmy attack on Nahr al Bared camp in 2007, as I listened to it live on my telephone.
    Von oskar3000Vor 7 Jahren
    Why do you crossclip with pics from Palestine and Hamas and present it under the impression it is all filmed in Beirut?
    When was tne last child suicidebomber, from Fatah/PLO in Lebanon?
    It seems to me that this clip is uploaded with an agenda to discredit Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, and maybe palestinians in general.
    Maybe we visit different camps, but what you imply about Fatah in this video is never seen by me on my regular visits in lebanese camps.
    Von oskar3000Vor 7 Jahren