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    Artist like Enya - New age music singer Marcomé


    by Marcome_Relaxing_Music

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    Artist like Enya - New age music singer Marcomé -

    Down misty magic mountains he came,
    into the wilding vale of the rain;
    The shining boy with piercing eyes
    and in our land he found a home.
    Blood magic flowin’ throughout his veins,
    He was so young and yet unafraid.
    Child of sun and moon they say.
    The lissome boy he sang his tune;
    Then turnin’ ‘round in silent trance,
    He did a most enchanting dance;
    Then fire played upon his blade,
    Then fire spoke in voice so strange.
    From moon to sun he let out a chant
    Soul now was pure and full of intent
    With silver eyes up to the sky
    He shouted, “Joy of life!”
    Drawn by the crystal waters’ lament
    He heard the voices call in his head
    In its depths his eyes were blind
    Yet he found door no mortal finds.
    Great One so glad he soared like a hawk
    Many a prayer and chant boy was taught
    Life itself it comes from earth
    Sacred love for Mother Earth

    Many a sun and moon gone by
    Homeward he came with daughter and wife
    That fruit ...

    Video Credit: Produced and directed by Denis Paquet and Daniel Villeneuve c.s.c.