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    Morning Musume - FUN segment


    by Erik

    44 924 views
    A battle between Otome and Sakura gumi.

    First is Memorize and Answer game.
    First person says an animal like dog
    the next person must say dog horse
    and the third person must say dog->horse->cat etc. The one who fails is out.
    The other game is ''Who Is Picasso?''
    There will be i think five member from each group standing in boothes with slidable walls. So the first person gets a word and starts drawing while the second person next to the first person see what that person is drawing and then it closes and the second one starts drawing and the third one sees the second one etc etc. Then the last person has to guess what it is. Then if that person guesses wrong its the fourth persons time to guess. And if no one guesses right...No Points.