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Super Junior
super junior comeback..
new look for new album..

Popular group SUPER JUNIOR abided to the official rules with the
release of their second album, keeping the new album concept as
secretly as possible. An unexpected transformation of the group is
finally revealed.

On the 20th, Super Junior released their
sophomore album after a wait of one year and four months. To show off
the beautiful harmonization of their voices and also a strong
performance for their title song "Don't Don," the group quickly
transformed from a cute boy image to a more mature look, a more
masculine approach. From this, the group attracted many attention from
the netizens the past month.

KANG-IN surprised many by appearing
with a shaved head, with his initials "K" shaved on his head. LEETEUK
and SUNGMIN dyed their hair and shaved part of their head; SHINDONG and
KIBUM has shorter hair, and, like Kang-In, also has designs shaved on
their head. HAN KYUNG and KYUHYUN also surprised many with their bright
blonde hair. Every member of the group released a strong charismatic
appearance due to the dramatic change of hairstyles.

Also, the
group is trying to shoot for is a grunge and glam look from their
clothes. Adding on to the various accessories the members carry, this
successfully gives the image a more urban atmosphere.

Don't Don,
their second album, contains a total of 14 tracks that vary in music
style. The title track, "Don't Don", is an R&B fast track with
heavy rock influence. Produced by SM Music Performance (SMP), the track
contains accompaniments of heavy basses, drums, electric guitar riffs,
and also a violin solo that is most suitable for a musical performance.
The rest of the songs in the album displays a heavy style of 80's
trendy style and also traditional R&B.

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it's very good!!!
Hannie_Fishy: 7 년 전