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    Pedestrian Walking & Jaywalking Traffic Safety Raymond Burr

    This film features two men's perspective on a pedestrian accident. The first perspective from the pedestrian point-of-view shows him walking through town. He is suddenly distracted as he crosses the street and a car hits him. The townspeople surround him after he is hit and an ambulance arrives to take him to the hospital. The second part of the film covers the point-of-view of the man who hit the pedestrian. After the accident, he walks through the streets and is quite distraught. He notices many pedestrians jay walking and not using pedestrian signals. He comments on the dangers of jaywalking. He then visits the injured pedestrian in the hospital and they both explain how they should have been more aware of their surroundings. The pedestrian speaks to the camera about how his accident could have happened to anyone. The film concludes with a man speaking to the camera about the importance of being aware in order to prevent unfortunate accidents.