Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin

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Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin
Monday Night RAW
March 29, 2004


Bring back Shelton Benjamin!!!!
By bigdaddythunder1982 5 years ago
4:12 .. t'es ma tite pute, hein ?
By xbi2210 6 years ago
shelton benjamin is more talented then HHH.

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shelton is a midcarder for life.
By Luis-E 6 years ago
sa cété lepoque evolution ou hhh ne valé rien mé mintenan il a gagné lélimination chamber sa lui fé 13 titre é il a batu tou c adversair pendant un mois é sa continu les victoire é sa veut dire kil en fé une bouché shelton benjamin mé jaime bien shelton
By nidna 6 years ago
once Benjamin loses the title we will see if they use benjamin right and turn him face again as well as a world title push
By goldeneye251 6 years ago
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